"Where's Trill? What have you done to her?" Elyon to Nerissa

"There never was a Trill!" Nerissa reveals in J is for Jewel

Trill is Nerissa disguised as a friendly kitchen maid at the Meridian Castle. She has helped the rebellion and the gaurdians, but for self gain.  Her indentity is revealed when she shows Elyon fake visions of her parents and tricks her into giving up her mother's jewel that had secretly been absorbing her powers. She then reveals that she is Nerissa, traps Elyon in the Jewel and disappears. Everyone is surprised and some don't believe it at first. Alborn says that people who have known her for years "can't recall anything about her; her family, her background".


Trill has thick, wavy, dark auburn hair tied back in a bonnett. She has a sweet face. Trill wears a white apron over her yellow dress. She has a round frame. This is unmasked to be glamor as Nerissa tells them.