The veil is a magical energy created by The Oracle and Kandrakar, separating the dimension of Meridian from the rest of the worlds, to prevent Phobos from spreading his evil to the rest of the world.

Role in TV show/Comics


In the comics the Veil is Dimensional separating energy, with 12 portals from Earth to Meridian in it, which Guardians had been tasked to close with the help of a map, which showed to location of the portals. The Guardian instead traveled to Meridian with the help of the portals, and worked with the rebellion to defeat Prince Phobos. After Elyon took control over Meridian as Queen, Kandrakar lowered the veil.

TV Series

In the TV Series, The Veil is a Pink/Purple energy, that can contain things of any size.

Season 1

In season 1 The Veil was introduced by Yan Lin as magic created to keep Meridians evil from spreading to the other worlds.She tasked the Guardians with closing all the portals that open, so the evil does not escape. They soon find out that they will not have an easy time closing all the portals.

Only 3 things can open holes in the veil:

  1. Time
  2. The Heart of Kandrakar (Via The Seal of Phobos)
  3. Elyon's Magic

Season 2

After the defeat of phobos the Guardians are summoned to Kandrakar, via a pink portal, there they see The Veil. The Oracle destroys is, and the energy used to maintain it flows into The Aurameres, Granting W.I.T.C.H. new powers.

During one of Nerissa's attacks on Kandracar, the congregation decides to create a new Veil for protection. The Mistakenly invite Nerissa (Disguised as the Mage) into their mystic-link, giving her the power to capture them all in the new Veil. This new Veil could only be destroyed by the Heart of Meridian, which Nerissa had. Once the power was returned to Elyon she destroyed the new Veil, an freed the congregation.

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