W.i.t.c.h 1

The Power of Friendship is the first W.i.t.c.h graphic novel. It contains the first two issues of the Twelve Portals arc: Halloween and The Twelve Portals.


The Oracle selects the five girls as the Guardians of KandercarWill Vandom dreams this and is jolted awake by her mom in a car. They are moving to Heatherfield from Fadden Hills. Two Meridian monsters, Cedric and Vathek plot to destroy her. In her first day of school, she meets Taranee Cook when she gets lost at school. the two become friends and meet Cornelia Hale, Irma LairHay Lin and Elyon Brown. They each have powers (Irma's "romote control quizzes", Cornelia's telekinetic room cleaning ect) except for Elyon (her powers are shown later, when she learns of them) After their powers are showcased to the others at the Halloween Party when Cedric and Vathek attack and Uriah Dunn sets off rockets, they meet at Hay Lin's house where they discover their powers from Hay Lin's grandma. Elyon gets a date with Cedric (in his human form) and invites Will, Irma and Hay Lin to come with her for the date in the gym. It turns out that Cedric and Vathek were waiting there to attack them. The girls transform, defeat them and escape. Yan Lin gives Hay Lin the Map of the Twelve Portals. She dies later. Elyon disappears, but Hay Lin sees her at Yan Lin's funeral. She diseappears using her powers and leaves with Vathek and Cedric to go to Meridian, and Irma accidentally turns Andrew Hornby into a toad.


  • Yan Lin "dies" here, but in the TV show, she stays with the girls on Earth.
  • In the comic, Taranee arrives a few days before Will. In the TV show, she moved to Heatherfield last year.
  • In the comic, Vathek begins as truly being evil and then switches over to the good side. In the TV show, he is a double agent for the rebellion.

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