W.I.T.C.H. - season 2 episode 12 - L is for Loser-0

By CartoonAmerica from YouTube

Irma l is for loser radio

K-Ship is a School Radio station from the TV series that Irma Laire is put in charge of in L is for Loser.


The radio station K-Drip in town went bankrupt so they gave their equipment to the school. Mrs. Knickerbocker put Irma in charge.


Irma-Manager, in charge

Martin-Tech, in charge of fixing and working equipment

Grumpers-Gossip, reports on gossip at Sheffield

Uriah-Various, none is heard, but in L is for Loser, he says things that make Mrs. Knickerbocker spit out her coffee and lecture him by the ear.

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