This is a list of the magical Hearts of the WITCH Worlds.


The Hearts are the sources of immense mystical energy for each of the worlds they come from. They can be represented by a jewel, a talisman or a living being. Prominently featured in the series is the Heart of Kandrakar, a pendant that allows W.I.T.C.H. to transform. Most of the time a mystic Heart is found to be in the form of living being, as it is for Earth, Meridian, and Aridia.Each world has a mystical Heart that is the source of that worlds power. A Heart can either be a person - like Elyon, the Heart of Meridian - or a jewel, like the Heart of Kandrakar. In the comics, jewel Hearts fuse with their Keeper, but in the animated series, they are tangible crystals that are worn or carried.

Whether Hearts can be taken by force or permission is a tricky subject. A lot of mystic energy from the Heart of Kandrakar was used to keep the veil in place, therefore the Heart could be taken by force as the Heart was weaker. When the veil was raised, permission needed to be required to take the Heart of Kandrakar.

Phobos could forcefully take Elyon's Heart of Meridian powers as she had not yet fully harnessed her status and power as the Heart of Meridian. Thus, she had not fully become the Heart of her world, and Phobos could steal it by force. The same applies to Lillian. Nerissa could have stolen Lillian's powers by force if she had chosen, but that would have been difficult due to Lillian quickly and unknowingly lending her Heart powers to the Regents of Earth. Thus, the Heart's powers could have only been obtained by destroying Lillian's familiar, Napoleon, on Halloween.

The Heart of Kandrakar is a living and feeling entity. It is actually the Nymph, Xin-Jing, who transformed herself into the Heart centuries ago. Therefore, the Heart of Kandrakar has to choose its Keeper, whereas the Oracle can choose the Guardians. We know the Heart can make errors of judgement in its choosing, like any human, as it chose Nerissa to be its Keeper. An Oracle cannot take the Heart away without permission, but if the Heart itself longs for a new Keeper, the bond is broken between Keeper and Heart and the Oracle can decide a new Keeper.

When the Heart's power was corrupting Nerissa, the Heart distanced itself from Nerissa and the Oracle gave the Heart to Cassidy instead. When Cassidy refused to give the Heart back to Nerissa, Nerissa killed Cassidy over her lost power.

Every Heart can change shape, colour and size for each different bearer. Obviously, when a Heart is a person, it's going to be physically different in looks compared to the previous person to hold the title as that Heart. For example, it is speculated that Queen Weira, Elyon's Mother, was the previous Heart of Meridian before Elyon was born. When she died, that title passed to Elyon. In regards to the Heart of Kandrakar, the shape changed when Will became the Keeper. When it was Nerissa's and Cassidy's, it was a long, tear-drop shaped blue crystal, similar to the jewel Nerissa traps Elyon in during the majority of season two. When Will becomes the Keeper, it changes to a spherical pink crystal with a metal casing.

Heart Of Kandrakar


The Heart of Kandrakar

In the animated series, the Heart of Kandrakar is displayed as a pink jewel in a metal casing whilst Will is the Keeper. In the comics, it is blue. The power of the Heart is controlled by the Keeper and can channel the power of the elemental aurameres into the guardians

Heart of Meridian

Heart of Meridian

The Heart of Meridian

Queen Elyon the light of Meridian is the Heart of Meridian. When Nerissa drains her power into a jewel it becomes the physical embodiment of the Heart of Meridian. 

Heart of Earth

Regents of Earth

Lillian Hale and the Regents of Earth

Lillian Hale, Cornelia's little sister, is the Heart of Earth. Her power is later given to the three regents of EarthMatt, Mr. Huggles and Napoleon

Heart Of Zamballa

Heart of Zamballa

The Heart of Zamballa

This like the Heart of Kandrakar, the Heart of Zamballa is a Purple Jewel fixed to a staff. It was once in possession of Kadma but now in possession of Ironwood

Heart of Aridia

Heart of Aridia

The Heart of Aridia.

Not Much is known about this heart other than that is a physical embodiment of a huge rock man person. 

Seal of Nerissa

Seal of nerissa

Seal Of Nerissa

This is a combination of the Hearts of Meridian and Zamballa focusing great power when Nerissa combined both stolen hearts.