In the Animated Series, when Cornelia first lays eyes on Caleb in "It Begins" she takes a liking in him. When Will is kidnapped in "It Resumes", it would seem as of Caleb would date her, but in the end, she has a different boyfriend. As season 1 goes on, Cornelia secretly likes Caleb but hides it as teasing. It is revealed to Caleb, though he keeps it secret, that Cornelia likes him. When her Astrol Drop is reading the card about Caleb (out loud), he takes it and finishes it. It said, "Caleb, real cute boy that you like, but he doesn't know, so don't say anything." But throughout the season, Cornelia and Caleb save each other's butt and sometimes have moments looking into each other's eyes and just staring until they're interrupted and reminded of the crisis around them. In the last episode of this season, "The Final Battle", before they leave, they finally kissed and after the battle was won, became a couple.

When Season 2 came, problems rose in their relationship because Caleb says he's staying to be Elyon's personal bodyguard and Cornelia gets mad because he's picking Elyon over her. In "C is for Changes", Caleb comes to Earth. In "D is for Dangerous", he is confused when Cornelia says that the only reason he came was because of Elyon and asked him what Elyon's hobby is aside fighting bad guys. He sas drawing and then, proving a point, she asks what was hers and he didn't know the answer. Trying to hang on to Cornelia, he follows her as she leaves asking what it was. Cornelia says, "Ice skating" and he laughs in disbelief only furthering her disappointment and as she walks away, his come-back only makes thing worst. But, later as he tries to patch things up, he goes to her house and finds out that she is ice skating. He makes a complete fool of himself tring to skate. Later, when she takes this romantic gesture to the heart, she tells Caleb to meet her outside and give her five minutes. While in front, there was a monitor showing what was going on. Cornelia had changed bodies to be taller and tried to end things between her and Peter(Taranee's older brother) and he kisses her. Caleb sees this and when she comes out, he was the one mad now. After all the drama that ended up going on that day, Cornelia says she met up with him to end things once she saw Caleb making a fool of himself for her. He doubts but then she swears and they go back to the rink. She ends things with Peter and her and Caleb are officially a couple again. Caleb and Elyon head back and this time, Cornelia's okay with it. In "I is for Illusion", when Cornelia's about to be done for, Caleb knocks her out the way and she says, "Right on time boyfriend" Caleb replies, "All in the job subscription" and then they kiss. Then they're interrupted by the monsters still all around. When Irma's family wakes up, Cornelia buries Caleb and Blunk in sand and when Irma's family comes out, they say there was fireworks. The girls forget about the guys and when Caleb gets up he sarcastically says, "So love having a girlfriend."

(more soon to come)

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