W.i.t.c.h 4

Between Light and Dark is the fourth W.i.t.c.h graphic novel. It contains the seventh and eigth issues of the Twelve Portals arcOne Day You'll Meet Him and The Black Roses of Meridian.


Cornelia misses Elyon and attempts to convince the others to come with her to Meridian to help her. Will says that it's a crazy idea, Irma says that it's great if she wants all of Phobos' gaurds attacking her, and Hay Lin agrees to this point. Cornelia doesn't ask Taranee. She enters Cedric's book shop and is about to go by herself when Vathek appears and explains that he has joined to rebellion after seeing the pain Phobos caused. He helps her in the portal, but loses her at some point. Caleb pulls her out and they both show mutual feelings as they both dreamt of the other (literally). Cornelia and Elyon rekindle their friendship and meet the rebels. Elyon and Cornelia stay in contact and Caleb promises her that they will see each other again. In the second story, Irma's dad is a security gaurd for a big concert and lets Irma and her friends attend. But Hay Lin stays at home to help in the restaurant when her mom gets the flu. She doesn't want to sound uncool, so she white lies that she has the flu. Will isn't allowed to go as it is on her mom's birthday. Will is very upset and angry. She and her Dormouse eventually sneak out to the concert when Will discovers a portal to Meridian there. She meets Daltar in his garden of black roses and the two become friends. She is discovered and gets into a battle with Cedric. Hay Lin finds out about the portal and rushes off to the others to help Will. They find her as she is dangling from the portal. Nothing seems odd to anyone as they believe that it is special effects for the song. As Will falls to the stage, Hay Lin catches her and Cedric escapes into the crowd. Will's mom is upset that Will went to the concert (she doesn't know that it was for a noble and heroic reason, as she is not aware of the gaurdians) and decides to move back to Fadden Hills.


  • This is the first time Elyon is featured on the cover, excluding being part of the strip at the bottom of Meridian Magic.
  • In the book, Will almost falls onto the stage as only the Gaurdian of Air can fly. In the TV show, all of them can fly.
  • This is the first time Cedric reveals that he has wings.

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